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Multifaceted Contact Management & Accounting Software

Manage your business  more effectively when you use the tools by AMICUS Software. Based in White Lake, Michigan, we provide easy and accurate solutions for small businesses, from contact management to accounting software. We also offer custom solutions; we can write a special program solution for any kind of business.

CBS 7.0—Complete Business Solutions

Perform all the tasks your business needs at a fraction of the time and effort with the CBS 7.0. From the very moment you begin using CBS, everything will change. You will regain control, freedom, and time in your daily workday. Imagine the possibilities of managing a more efficient and profitable business.


CBS provides you with the necessary tools to manage your business. Its features including the following:

• Schedule & Track Your Meetings & Tasks 
• Monitor the Progress of Your Projects 
• Customize Client List 
• Bill a Client for Services Rendered 
• Produce Follow-Up Letters 
• Prepare Income Statements & Financial Balance Sheets 
• Track Purchase Orders & Inventory 
• Completely Searchable & Easily Accessible Data


Contact us to learn more about our business software and try it out yourself.

Platform Architecture & Database Structure

AMICUS Software has essentially brought the structure, programming, and power of mainframe business applications to the desktop computer. CBS was developed with serious data access requirements in mind. For an application to be effective, it must be centered around a robust database architecture. That is why AMICUS Software chose to use 4D, as the database engine.

Program Tour
The start-up screen makes CBS easy to use and navigate. The eight areas of the program are clearly labeled and include picture buttons for easy identification. Program features include:

• User Friendly Interface
• Easy-to-Find Features
• User-Intuitive Buttons
• Easily Navigable Program
• Clearly Labeled Help Functions



The Single User Version of CBS 7.0 for Mac and PC is $695, and the Network Server Version is available upon request. The product includes the first year of product support with purchase.

Minimum System Requirements

For PC, the minimum system requirements are Pentium 4™, Windows Vista™ or higher, and 2GB of RAM. For Intel™ or Mac™, the system requires OX 5.8 and 2GB of RAM.